New CD Sand Garden finished

In July and August 2017 Djembu finished the recordings for the new CD called Sand Garden. This is a solo project with ambient music especially for live outdoor concerts. The CD will be available end of August, right at the start of the concert try outs.


From ringtone to Michael Jackson

mjDuring the broadcasting of Jazz Meeting at Radio Hengelo the 26th of april 2017 Djembu played live at the radio studio. Among others we played “Human Nature” by Steve Porcaro and John Bettis. The song became world famous by Michael Jackson as he recorded it on his album “Thriller”.

With Djembu we started with a ringtone and transformed it into this standard from 1981. Listen how we did it.

Radio performance postponed

transistor-radioUnfortunately the radio interview and the live performance that was announced for tonight is postponed. This because of the absence of the radio host of the Radio Hengelo program Jazzmeeting owing to personal circumstances. Tonight they will broadcast an older show recorded earlier.

The Djembu interview and live performance will be planned later on.

Live performing at Radio Hengelo

radio-hengeloWednesday the 15th of February 2017, we will perform live at Radio Hengelo. We’re in the show of Cynthia Thijs-Coenraad from 8 till 9 PM. Cynthia will play some of the song of our EP Léon and we will play a couple of tunes too. What’s it gonna be? We don’t know yet. It’s all about improvisation.

What we do know is who’s in the studio. Nick Kerkhoff (bass), Jan ter Maat jr. (drums) and Hans Kerkhoff (malletKAT and DAW).